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Haley | Main Street Train Station and Canal Walk Bridal Portraits

PIC. That's what Haley and I called ourselves all through High School. We were band. Yes, we were both skilled clarinet players. Let me rephrase that. Haley was/is a skilled clarinetist. I, on the other hand, could have used a few extra lessons. Irregardless...oops! Sorry Haley! I mean, regardless, we were in band all four years of high school and I wouldn't have changed it for the world!

After our years in band camp and even sharing a home economics class where we made bird apples, we both graduated and went to seperate schools. Haley is a proud JMU Alum and I WENT TO AUBURN. Though we were hours a part, our friendship remained strong through AIM, the newly developed Facebook and mailing each other mix CDs. (Clearly, I LOVE MIXED TAPES) I credit Haley for my love of Fall Out Boy, The Ataris and The Used.

We would visit each other and accrue enough blackmail pictures to last a lifetime. Although I wanted to share them, I didn't want to overshadow the beauty of her portraits.

Haley was in my wedding and I was proud to be in hers in August. As a gift, I wanted to take her bridal portraits.

Haley, thank you for always being my rocker chick, introducing me to amazing music and being there for me to call no matter the time of day or length of drive I had in front of me. I love you, girlie!

Here are my favorite from her shoot!


PHOTOGRAPHERS | Allie and Brad Strouse of Strouse Photography

VENUE | Main Street Train Station & Canal Walk

FLOWERS | Allie Strouse

Want to see more of Haley? See her AMAZING WEDDING PHOTOS taken by the extremely talented NICKI METCALF PHOTOGRAPHY!

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