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Planning our Wedding | Strouse House Chronicles: PART EIGHT

ALLIE: Last week, we shared HOW WE GOT ENGAGED. At the end of that post, we mentioned that getting engaged wasn't the ONLY life change we made that weekend!

Brad mentioned that I planned the trip down to Auburn. The reason I did that was because I was trying to score an interview in Nashville that following Tuesday. Brad works in the music industry and we knew that in order for him to become fully immersed, we need to get him there. I landed the interview the Tuesday after we got engaged. On the way back to the airport from Nashville, we made a pros & cons list of moving to Nashville. The pros won so within two weeks, not only did we get engaged, I also accepted a new position in Nashville, we packed up our lives (by parents were in Auburn the weekend we moved!) and moved 10 hours west to Nashville, TN!

Our last picture in RVA!


Then...we had to start planning an Auburn wedding from Nashville while my parents were in Richmond. Read more about that NOW!

BRAD: You know now we are obsessed with AUBURN UNIVERSITY? We told you the story of HOW WE GOT TO AUBURN, HOW WE MET IN AUBURN, HOW WE GOT ENGAGED IN AUBURN and now, we’re diving into how we PLANNED OUR AUBURN WEDDING.

Most of our wedding planning was done from a distance. We planned to get married in Auburn and were living in Nashville. The Strouses were living outside of Auburn in Opelika and The Butterworths were living in Richmond. We spent a lot of timing making plans online/over skype and Allie made several trips to Auburn to visit venues and meet with vendors. One memorable trip left her stranded on the highway in stand still traffic for over six hours!! (ALLIE: Let's just say I was lucky to have a cup in the back was needed.)

After a few discussions about timing, we decided to get married exactly one year after we got engaged. It would be perfect because the long Labor Day weekend would be convenient for our of town guests and we’d forever get a free day of vacation for our anniversary. In the South, football is king. Auburn Football runs deep in our family so it would be unthinkable to get married on a Saturday = gameday. No one would’ve come unless we got married on the 50 yard line! Our solution was to host a massive tailgate for our guests on Saturday and then hold the wedding the next day on Sunday.

Since we had to make special plans to nail down details in Auburn, we only had one weekend together to visit our chosen venue, taste cake, and meet with our vendors. Allie’s parents flew to Atlanta and we drove down from Nashville to meet up with my parents in Auburn. Allie used the promise of cake to get me to attend a flurry of meetings, but man was it worth the wait. Our entire posse (including Allie’s brother, Conner, who was a student at Auburn) showed up at our sweet cake lady’s small house to sample her wares. So much fresh cake and every flavor was amazing!

When it came to the finer details of our wedding, we would’ve been lost without our parents. My parents handled details like lodging for our guests (likely 80% were from out of town) and being our boots on the ground in Auburn for meetings and random errands. Allie’s parents handled a lot of the decorations and tailgating details. The Butterworth’s have an extensive collection of Auburn memorabilia and used their items to decorate various part of the weekend.

Planning a wedding is exhausting and led to several “heated discussions” because everyone wants it to be perfect and no one has the exact same vision for the event. Not only are you making decisions between you and your future spouse, but you also have to consider the parents, siblings, extended family, and guests. I learned early on to trust Allie on most of the decisions and to speak up when I really felt strongly about something. Thousands of decisions were made, details debated, many things came down to the wire, and several major parts of our day were turned on their heads. And then sometimes a hurricane hits the East Coast and the Gulf Coast on the same weekend and you learn to deal with it.

Stay tuned next week for the highs and lows (weather speaking) we experienced on September 4, 2011!


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