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Strouse Photo Tip #43: 5 Ways We Prep for Weddings

There are few things we love more than lists at Strouse Photography. Our desk, fridge, and google drive are full of lists. This blog idea even came from a checklist! We've gotten our wedding day preperation process down to a science and here are some of the ways we get ready for YOUR big day!

1.) Last year we created a packing list in Google Docs that has check marks next to each physical item that goes into our bags. We list everything from camera bodies and lenses to tissues and umbrellas! One of us goes down the list as the other touches each item to make sure it's in the right place. Once completed we then print off the list and put it in our bag so we can run through it again at the end of the night.

2.) We create a wedding day timeline and family photo shot list then print two copies and place in our bags (eventually our pockets upon arrival). The timeline helps us keep the bride/groom on track as they move through their wedding day. The family photo shot list is extremely helpful when it comes to post-ceremony pictures. Allie calls off names and positions the family members, while Brad takes the shots. We try to be quick and effective so the family and newly married couple can move on to the party!

3.) We pack our items the exact same way each time whether it be individual camera bags or even our car trunk. This helps us realize if we are missing anything just by taking a quick glance.

4.) Brad drives and Allie navigates. Allie always carries the contract with addresses and phone numbers and Brad chooses the driving playlist. As we get closer to the getting ready site we rehearse the timeline, special shots, and specific duties for the day. We talk about special circumstances, creative shots we want to try, or unique details we need to keep in mind.

5.) One of the most important things we do is pray! Upon arrival at the venue we take a quick second to hold hands and pray for strength, energy, creativity, thankfulness for the opportunity, and for blessings on the couple's marriage!

The key is repetition. We try to keep things simple, organized, and consistent so that it's almost as easy as breathing or walking. What tools do you use in your personal life to stay organized?

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