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August Monthly Goals

The goals are coming a bit late this month...ok way late, but we've been focused on vacation and traveling so we are putting pressure on ourselves to wrap some of these up before the end of the month.



  • *Whoops! Still working on this one* Write a Workshop recap

  • *COMPLETED* Complete re-branding board- Check out our new colors and logo!

  • *COMPLETED* Work on new website - NEW COLORS, LOGO and PICTURES!

  • *Still working on this* Update Business Plan

  • *In the works *Make some photo books for display


  • *COMPLETED* Create a new running/swimming training schedule- Training for a half marathon next weekend!

  • *COMPLETED* Create a meal plan weekly- We've been eating clean and focusing on healthy snacks!

  • *COMPLETED* Go on vacation and disconnect- Enjoyed time at OBX WITH FAMILY and just got home from a whirlwind trip to ATL and Birmingham.

  • *Enjoying this process* Finish Planning Europe vacation- Any London, Dublin, or Iceland suggestions?

  • *COMPLETED* Get organized with new Closet Factory System- We love our new built ins. The best part is they have a hidden cat litter box!

In July, we also did:

  • Spent time with Brad's brother and his girlfriend- CHECK OUT THE PICTURES HERE!

  • Spent a week on the beach at the Outer Banks- Caught up on our reading, learned some new beach games, and got all of our work outs in!

  • We got a chance to attend a wedding as guests! One of Allie's best friends Haley got married and we enjoyed a stress free day with lots of friends and family.


Here's what we are focusing on for the rest of August:


  • Streamline our "final consulation" process with new google doc and enjoy seeing our couples before the big day!

  • Complete and mail all packages and print orders before leaving for Europe.

  • Brainstorm and order Christmas presents and cards.

  • Meet face to face with accountant to get advice and streamline financial side of business.

  • Cut out inspirational magazine photos to spark creativity for September weddings.


  • Complete the Patrick Henry Half Marathon

  • Practice packing for Europe. Gotta pack light!

  • Teach Dexter a new trick

  • Take time out of our busy schedule for date night.

  • Try a new food item or restaurant

What awesome things have you accomplished in August? What to know what else we've accomplished this year? READ ALL OUR GOALS HERE.


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