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Strouse Photo Tip #42: 3 Tips for Picking a DJ

Music is very important to us in the #strousehouse Brad plays DJ every morning, making a record selection based on our mood, the weather, and popular opinion. Music plays an important role in our daily lives, but most importantly it’s a vital part of your wedding day! Here are a few tips for choosing the right person to spin on the “1’s and 2’s”:

  • Personality and Playlist Are Important

Just like your photographers, the personality of your DJ is important. Are you hoping for someone loud and the life of the party? Someone who is more reserved and keeps the playlist simple and classic? A master of ceremonies or a subtle mood influencer?

Playlists are key! Most DJ’s have a setlist of songs they play at all weddings and you can subtract or add songs up to a certain amount. Think about what styles you and your spouse enjoy, but also keep in mind the age range of your guests. If you will have kids or older guests then try to keep the content “all ages”.

  • Timing is Important

The best DJ’s are masters of timing/schedules. One of our jobs as photographers is to keep everything on track from getting ready to the reception and beyond. It’s always such a relief when we show up for the reception and the DJ has a detailed timeline in place and is ready to stick to it! It takes so much pressure off the bride and groom if their team can say “ok time to cut the cake” or “three more songs until the final goodbye”. The couple can focus on having fun and we can make sure their dreams are happening in a timely fashion.

  • Equipment is Important

99% of DJ’s carry their own basic equipment like a sound system, laptop/turntables, and microphone. We’ve worked with several great “in house” DJ’s at venues where they have installed their equipment and work at that venue every weekend. We also work with DJ’s who are mobile and bring their setup to you. One thing to consider is how much frill you want to add to your DJ package. Many times they offer additional options like moving lights, customized images to project on the dance floor, etc. These all can add a ton of ambiance to your reception and pair well with your colors, decorations, and even cake design! For vinyl lovers like Brad, it makes his heart happy to see DJ’s still spinning actual records, but to each his own!

We love to dance and a great DJ is just another part of the wedding day team who can add so much to the experience. Take time to get a feel for their style, playlist, and the equipment they provide and most importantly- get on the floor and show us your stuff!!

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