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THE DATING DANCE | THE DTR TALK | Strouse House Chronicles: PART 6 E

BRAD: Later on in July of 2009, it was my turn to travel so I traveled to RVA to spend a week with Allie. We were still in the dating dance, but luckily - it was about to entire the “exclusively dance together” phase.

On July 11th, 2009, the night I arrived, we went to Regal Short Pump to see Up!. As we were walking to the theatre from our car three parking lots over (really romantic, I know), Allie looked at me and out of nowhere started the DTR. We decided that we had been doing the dating dance for over a year and it was time to make things official. She said “OK, boyfriend” and we officially became boyfriend/girlfriend. (The next day, we went to Busch Gardens where our first pictures as BF/GF were taken by Allie's mom!)

Four short months later I packed my clothes into trash bags, threw my belongings into the back of a minivan, and drove nine hours to Richmond to end the dating dance and give our relationship a real shot.

Luckily that shot worked out because we dated for a year and a half before my well thought out/poorly executed proposal plan ended with me on one knee and a ring on Allie’s finger. OUR PROPOSAL STORY IS NEXT.


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