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Strouse Photo Tip #41: 4 Tips for Making a Grand Exit

It’s the end of your wedding night. The DJ has played the final song, your guests are full of cake and tired from dancing, and you and your spouse are beyond exhausted and dreaming of the next morning when you’ll be sitting on a beach with drink in hand. It’s now time for the grand exit of the bride and the groom. Here are a few tips for plotting your exit:

  • Are there venue restrictions?

Some venues will dictate the type of farewells you are NOT allowed to do. Venues that are in a park or wooded area typically don’t allow sparklers (ask Smokey the Bear about this one), historic venues typically don’t allow birdseed (large flocks of birds aren’t typically the most clean house guests), and most venues would prefer not to clean up confetti after a long reception (or ask your parents to pick up a broom in their suit and formal dress).

  • What time of day will you be leaving?

At night, items like sparklers and glow sticks are tons of fun because they aren’t visible in the sunlight.

For daytime weddings items like bubbles, streamers, and noisemakers are fun and still make for great pictures even though the sun is still up.

  • How can you show your personalities?

Our wedding was Auburn themed so our guests had authentic Auburn University shakers to wave as we ran down the aisle. We’ve also seen college mainstays like cowbells make appearances at a certain type of SEC wedding (the university shall go unnamed…) Is there something unique that your alum does at games or something fun about your history as a couple that can be displayed in your guests hands?

We’ve always dreamt of shooting a military wedding where the couple exits through a tunnel of servicemen/women in dress uniforms with ceremonial swords. Traditions like that make each wedding unique and so special.

  • What will you be leaving in?

We’ve seen pickup trucks with American flags a flying, pedal carts on the beach, convertibles with the top down, limo’s, and many more. Now is your chance to go out in style!

Whatever you choose, revel in the fact that your wedding day has gone off without a hitch and now you can move on to relaxing. Grab a mai-tai for us!

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