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Strouse House Photo Tip #40: 4 Tips for Deciding on your Wedding Menu

There are few rules when it comes to picking the wedding food and like most items on a wedding day checklist- it’s fully customizable! Here are four tips to consider as you plan your wedding day fest (try not to let your stomach growl too loud while reading….)

  • Let Your Personality Shine

Allie and I always dreamed of a mashed potato bar and so guess what….we found a caterer who could give it to us! We’ve seen all types of wedding day menu’s and each time it’s been a reflection of the bride and groom’s personalities. Some are fun and outdoorsy (BBQ and fried Catfish) while others are more refined and polished (prime rib carving stations with beef au jous), but each has highlighted part of what makes the couple so unique.

  • Sit Down Vs Buffet

This decision is usually based on the venue location, time of day, and menu type. Hotels and country clubs typically offer a sit-down multi-course meal while plantations and non-traditional venues typically lean towards buffets.

Sit down meals typically offer the bride and groom a chance to mingle with their guests since they are all seated and have time between courses for small talk and introductions. Buffets typically lead to quicker eating and more time on the dance floor. Buffet guests typically eat at their own pace (fast) and then hit the dance floor as the later tables finish their meals.

  • Order A Lil Extra

Your guests will surprise you with the amount of food they are willing to eat if given the right opportunity. If you love your caterer then you can be sure your friends and family are going to eat their share x2. If there’s room in the budget try to estimate a bit high on the portion sizes since their stomachs will likely audibly remind them of the time between the ceremony and dinner service. Typically caterers are very good about doling out correct portions so that everyone gets an equal amount, but just in case, the last few tables in line will thank you if there’s enough to go around.

  • Don’t Forget To Eat

Allie and I balked at the people who told us “Make sure to eat on your wedding day”, but man were they right. We asked our guests to go ahead and eat so we could make the rounds table by table to say hello to our beloved family and friends. By the time we had been introduced by the DJ, greeted everyone, snapped some pictures, and found a spot in line it was almost time to cut the cake! We finally found a quiet corner to scarf down some chicken and mash potatoes before hitting the dance floor. So we pass this advice on to you- “DON’T FORGET TO EAT!!!”

We look forward to seeing what fantastic feast you come up with! Enjoy the taste tests and let your imagination run free!

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