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Family Vacation | Portraits

Last week, my family joined the ALEXANDER'S who also happen to be my brother's in-laws for a great week down at Kill Devil Hills! We had a blast!

Our days were spend drinking, fishing, sleeping and playing a game the ALEXANDER'S called Redneck Golf. Believe it or not, I even caught TWO FISH! They were more like fish bait, but I caught them with the help of Mrs. Alexander!

Per the request of my momma, we had a mini shoot so everyone would have some photos taken!

Here are some of my favorites!

Brad and I woke up at 5:45 to watch the sunrise on our last day in town!

Ladies and Gentlmen, meet my mother. She is known for her jumping pictures!

Conner and I are totally NOT related to Mom and Dad...JAY KAY!

Our whole group! We had others come through the week as well!

The Butterouse's (Butterworth + Strouse)

The Alexanderworths (Alexander + Butterworth)

Meg and Jeremy!

Sweet Melissa!


Thanks for reading! Now, take me back to the beach!

- Allie


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