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Strouse Photo Tip #39: Enjoy Downtime | 3 Reasons How

This may sound crazy but….one of the most important things about working hard is getting rest. Following me? Running a small business is hard work and passion alone does not keep us afloat. We learned early on the importance of rest and recovery in all aspects of our lives whether it be work, personal, or fitness. Here are a few tips for making the most of your rest days:

1) Give yourself both a physical and mental break.

Sundays after weddings are absolute rest days for us. Our feet, backs, and brains are tired and we typically sleep in, spend most of the day on the couch binging on Netflix, and take plenty of naps. Most of the time we don’t even talk! It’s our way of recharging before hitting the ground running again on Monday morning.

2) Get physical

I know this sounds counter-intuitive to the whole idea of resting, but for us there’s nothing better than a long run to clear our minds. We love using off weekends to test out new routes and run with our dog, Dexter. Many people hike, ride bikes, or play team sports. This is not the time for ultra-competitive events. Join an adult rec league or run with someone new!

3) See the sights

This year we are using the wedding off season to take our dream trip - Europe! It will be great to unwind from a long string of amazing weddings and will gives us a chance to explore several new cultures. We love the adventure of travel! Several times we have used shoots as excuses to get us out of Richmond and into places like wineries and breweries.

Take some time to rest and you’d be surprised how much effective you will be in everyday life. Plenty of sleep and mental breaks throughout the day and watch your productivity shoot through the roof! This also applies if you are planning your wedding! Make sure you take time to not think about your wedding and relax.

Now back to my nap….

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