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THE DATING DANCE | THE FIRST DATE | Strouse House Chronicles: PART 6 B

Allie was set to graduate in May of 2008 and I (Brad) needed to complete a summer internship before graduating in August. I landed a photography internship in Columbus, Ohio where my grandparents and other family members lived.

The night before I took off, I set up a surprise moon light picnic for Allie in the park after getting a BABY HINT that things might be heading in a relationship direction. This park had special meaning in Allie's college life. Ever since her sophomore year, she would visit this park when she was stressed with exams, overwhelmed with life or even just wanted to get away for a little while.

I brought a blanket and champagne and we sat watching the fireflies over the lake. (Ok, they were totally gnats, but for the sake of painting a Nicholas Sparks moment, let’s say they were fireflies). We laid under the stars and put our feelings out in the open….very briefly because we unknowingly had sat in a massive ant hill and those ants were not happy. We had a minimum of 13 ant bites each. Nonetheless, it was still extremely romantic and we finally felt like the awkwardness was starting to subside. We officially liked each other and it was out in the open...until THE MIXTAPE INCIDENT.

To be continued...


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