Strouse Photo Tip #38: 4 Tips for Selecting a Wedding Cake

The process of choosing vendors can be tiring, but as a former groom I was more than willing to attend the food and cake tastings. I was waiting in the car for Allie when it was time to go! Choosing your cake is one of the most joyful and childlike experiences you can have as an adult so enjoy it. What other time will you be encouraged to eat piece after piece of scrumptious cake and then choose your favorite to be replicated in a larger than life version on your wedding day!?

When choosing your cake here are a few thoughts to consider:

  • What is your absolute favorite flavor, color, team mascot, flower, etc?

We’ve seen cakes with hokie tracks, fresh fruit, nautical flags, elaborate edible flowers, crazy neon colors, and more. The outside of the cake is your chance to show your personality on a tasty art piece.

  • Are you allergic?

Recently we’ve seen thoughtful brides include gluten free options for her bridal party and guests. The cake was amazing and her guests escaped without a stomach ache.

  • How many cakes?

While some people still enjoy the pure pleasure of seeing a two-to-three tiered cake, we’ve recently seen a trend on the rise: alternate style cakes. Guests have been enjoying cupcakes in various flavors, sheet cakes with fun designs, and even some tasty pies in several cases.

Having a single or dual layer cake for cutting and then rolling out cupcakes or slices of a sheet cake is a great way to save money and/or feed a large amount of guests!

  • Maintain some tradition

This is your day so go crazy with the flavors and design. Think of the craziest flavor you can and I bet your baker can make it happen. After that layer is in place then pull back the reins a bit and add some simple or classic flavors for those of your family or guests who are less taste adventurous. Think buttercream, vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate.

Here are our picks for all time favorite cake flavors:

BRAD: Anything with peanut butter! If it’s a chocolate/peanut butter mix then I get so excited I can’t focus. It’s all about the softness and the mixture of new and interesting flavors. Fresh fruit is always a surprise and a plus!

ALLIE: Strawberry, especially if there are fresh strawberries in there! One of our brides and her mom made her wedding cake and it was strawberry with fresh strawberries inside. It was the tastiest cake I've ever had! SO GOOD! (All they hear from us is how much we love their cakes!)

What is your favorite flavor?

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