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Strouse Photo Tip #37: 3 Tips for Selecting Groomsmen Gifts

The role of a groomsmen is a time honored position and to this day I’m thankful for the men who stood by me on my wedding day and the friends who have deemed me worthy enough to stand by them. Traditionally, a gift is given out of gratitude for their friendship and the part they play in you and your future bride’s story. I’ve received and we’ve seen many great gifts over the years, so here are a few suggestions as you begin to plan:

1. Make It Personal

Anything monogrammed or personalized ends up being timeless. We’ve seen personalized mugs, flasks, pocket knives, decanters, and more. For our wedding, we bought our brothers personalized pocket watches with our wedding date etched inside and our groomsmen were given pocket watches with their names inscribed. I still carry the knife Allie’s brother gave me on a daily basis and it’s come in handy more times than I can count. I even lent it to Brendan a few weeks ago so he could participate in this picture!

2. Add Color and Personality To Your Rental

Rented tuxes or store bought suits are popular, but sometimes tough to make “pop”. We’ve seen some great presents like funky colored socks, brightly colored pocket squares, or uniquely patterned bow ties. It’s a chance to show your personality and add some flair. It also makes for great pictures!

3. Utilize Inside Jokes or Infamous Events

Some of the funniest gifts we’ve seen were unique to each groomsmen’s relationship with the groom. It could be anything from a favorite movie that no one else enjoys, a mix tape of music few would appreciate, or an embarrassing photo he thought was lost. This is an inexpensive, but thoughtful way to show your groomsmen how much you appreciate their friendship.

Try not to stress about choosing the perfect gift. The most important thing is showing these guys how honored you are to have them next to you and how much you appreciate their friendship. Whether you’ve been best friends since first grade or your friendship is a bit newer, it’s a chance to celebrate friends and the next phase of your life. Cheers mates!

What are some cool gifts you've gotten?

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