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Jen | Portraits

Jen and I met at Jordan and Amy Demo's Workshop in early June! There were about 15 amazing women in this workshop and Jen and I were the only two from Richmond! We bonded instantly over suggesting food places to the other ladies! We also realized we had a mutual friend in common. It's a small, small world.

Jen and I decided that our new found friendship need to continue so we met us for dinner at my all time favorite place - Cafe Caturra last Thursday! After reminiscing over the workshop, sharing each other's photography stories and induldging on the best chocolate chip cookies in RVA, we headed to Lake Lothian in Midlothian to practice what we learned from Jordan and Amy!

WE HAD A BLAST. I don't think we stopped laughing ONCE during the entire time and Jen was giving me a run for my money. :-D

This girl is awesome and I am so glad we got to spend some time together!


Nothing better than wine and cookies.




And because outtakes are Jen and my favorites, here are some of my favorites from Jen! Girl needs to be an actress! She's so animated! Love her!



Jen - you are, thanks for hanging out with me!

- Allie

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