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Strouse Photo Tip #36 - 4 Tips for Selecting a Location to Get Ready for your Wedding

The hours leading up to the ceremony on a wedding day end up being on two different sides of the spectrum depending on which side of the bridal party you spend them with. The bride’s room is typically full of hairspray, makeup, quality snacks, lots of laughter, and some tears. The groom’s room is typically full of cologne, adult beverages, good natured ribbing, and stories from “back in the day”. No matter which category you fall into, there are some things to consider when choosing your getting ready location in the hopes of getting the best pictures possible.

#1 Natural Light

Think about the number of windows and how bright the room would be without the lights on. For the girls this adds a softness to the detail shots (ie the dress and rings) and allows for a more natural skin tone. For the guys it makes for a more “classic” look in group shots and detail shots (ie groomsmen gifts and suit/tux pieces) especially in black and white.

#2 Clean Backgrounds

This could be anything from a blank wall in a hotel room to your childhood bedroom.

The eye is easily distracted so the less there is in the background of photos the more we naturally focus on the beautiful bride or the handsome groom. Large photos, blue ribbons from the county fair, or leftover Taco Bell wrappers could easily take away from the simplistic beauty of a bride surrounded by her best friends.

#3 Location

How close are you to the ceremony site, reception venue, and significant other’s getting ready spot? We’ve found that things move much more smoothly when there is little to no distance between the multiple locations. Ideally a venue will have all aspects covered with a bridal suite, groomsmen getaway, multiple ceremony sites (for good and bad weather), and a place to hold the reception (aka party!). Guests and family travel from across the globe and stay in various locations around town so the fewer foreign locations they have to find the less chance there is of “misplacing guests”.

#4 Accessibility

How close are you to restaurants and convenience stores? This will solve issues like early morning food cravings, last minute makeup runs, and that one groomsmen who always forgets black socks.

We hope this helps as you plan where to rally the troops! Most importantly find a place where you are comfortable and we will see you there!

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