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HOW WE MET AS TOLD BY BRAD | Strouse House Chronicles: PART FOUR

This is our very first picture together with our dear friend, Fran. You'll hear more about her in just a minute.

The first time I truly remember meeting Allie was at our friend Fran’s apartment the next year, our Sophomore Year.

I met Fran through MySpace and oddly enough, Allie also met Fran through Myspace (don’t judge our age).

Allie and Fran had hung out a bunch and Fran and I had hung out a bunch. One Friday or Saturday night, Fran invited a few friends over to her apartment in what used to be called Auburn Trails. (Side note: this apartment complex has gotten so sketchy since our days at Auburn, but when Fran lived there - it was THE PLACE TO LIVE!)

Allie was already there when I arrived. She was sitting at Fran's round kitchen table. I walked in with one of my friends and sit next to her. I go to introduce my self and say “Great to meet you." Without missing a beat, Allie said “Yea, we met last year, in Tech and Civ." I replied "Oh yea, I remember." I did not, however, remember. Allie quickly saw though this, threw me what is now consided shade and said "so glad you remember…”

After our awkward introductions, my friend and I hung out for about twenty minutes and headed our seperate ways.

It wasn't long before Fran, Allie and I started hanging out regularly. The picture above was probably in September 2005 at a Chariot and Chasing Victory show in Columbus, GA. We didn't know the other would be there, but once we saw each other, Allie whipped out her camera (this was pre-camera phone days) and made us take a sweaty picture.

We soon realized we had similar music tastes, a love of "Nip/Tuck" and the same major Radio TV Film.

You would think "OHHH, this is where they started to date." You are oh so wrong my friend. We have a ways to go before that. That ways to go is also what we like to consider "THE FOUR YEAR FRIENDZONE". Stay tuned for that story next week!


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