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Kasey | Private Farm Bridal Portraits

I love this girl. I've known Kasey since she was still in middle school. Her sister and I are besties after 15 years so I feel like Kasey is a little sister!

I LOVE THIS GIRL'S BRIDAL SESSION and after a month I am stoked to share it!

We were thrilled when KASEY & JOSH let us take their ENGAGEMENT PICTURES last fall. We were even more thrilled when Kasey called us to take her bridal portraits!

We had pondered locations for a while and then I thought to call my grandmother. My grandmother took me to her family friend's barn for years when I was younger. I learned to ride horses out there and I just knew it would be an amazing place for pictures. When I asked if we could host Kasey out there for her bridal session, she was thrilled and said yes!

The barn was set back in Manakin-Sabot on a few acres of well maintained land. There were several horses galloping around during the session and the most perfect barn for a backdrop. Not to mention, plenty of trees and lush grass!

We had a BLAST. It was a warm May evening. Mrs. Nichols A.K.A. my second mom in high school came to help out and I was so glad she did. Let's be honest, I love spending time with their whole family!

We spent the evening walking through the land, grape vines and visiting with horses!

Here are some of our favorites from her session!


PHOTOGRAPHERS | Allie & Brad Strouse of Strouse Photography

MAKEUP | Aaron from Brideface

FLORIST | Kasey Nichols (Bride)

WEDDING DRESS | I do I do Wedding Gowns

Want to see more pictures of gorgeous Kasey? See her ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS and WEDDING PHOTOS!

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