Strouse Photo Tip #35: 3 Things to Consider When Picking a Shoot Location

We want to offer some tips on picking a place, in case it didn't make our list!


How does the location in mind look at dust or sunrise? Those are the two best times to shoot sessions because the lighting it just right! Is the location in your mind flattering at those times of day or is it too dark because the sunset or sunrise can't escape the massive about of trees?


We always look for locations with lots of different options! We love Libby Hill because you have this nice, ubran cityscape, but there are also lots of trees for a more earthy feel. There's also great neighborhoods for a hometown feel and even some great stone paths for a rocky feel!


Whatever location you have in mind, you want to make sure you and your guests can get there whether you, a photographer, or you, a client, found the location! Think about what shoes you will be wearing, no matter who you are (photographer or client), and think about if it's legal to get there. Oddly enough, that is an important question! We did a shoot with Kristen & Diego where we were allowed to go on the tarmack because Diego worked there. However, if he didn't, it might not have been legal for us to go there!

What are some other tips you can offer when picking a location?

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