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Kelley + Tom | Fredericksburg Square Wedding

Words can't even beging to describe how incredible this couple is! We met Kelley at BETHANY & CHRIS' WEDDING in April of 2014! She and Tom had just gotten engaged and asked for our card! We are so glad she did because after a couple of emails and skype dates, we were honored when they asked us to shoot their wedding!

We arrived around lunch time on June 6th and were greeted with hugs and smiles! All of Kelley and Tom's friends made us feel like one of them the minute we walked in the door!

As Kelley was getting her make-up done, her maid of honor - Heather, was finalizing any details she could! She was an all-star with an emergency kit that put mine to shame! It was such a joy watching all her girls help her get ready, giving each other pounds and high fives in between! During the emotional moments of Kelley sweetly hugging her grandmother to her mom telling her good-bye until the reception, it took everything I had not to tear up!

Tom and all of his groomsmen were so much fun. You could tell anytime they are together, it's a blast. Brad joined up with them as they were hanging out, enjoying each other's company.

Kelley and Tom decided to do a first look, OUR FAVORITE! It was truly a moment to be remembered! We found the perfect little alley where Tom waited as his bride, Kelley, walked towards him. Just as he turned around, the tears started to flow, even from our eyes! It was so sweet and memorable!

One of my favorite parts of working with Tom and Kelley was how much fun they were, especially during the portraits. Tom was making jokes, the bridal party were oooh-ing and awww-ing over Kelley and everyone was completely happy! It was such a great group of people to be with.

The ceremony was romantic, set in the gorgeous Fredericksburg Baptist Church. Kelley's mom sang in the ceremony and it was enough to move mountains. It was truly amazing. Through the laughing, tears and smiles, it was one of our favorite ceremonies we've had the honor of attending!

After the ceremony, we headed down the street to Fredericksburg Square. THIS VENUE IS AMAZING! The details Kelley thought of for her reception did not go unnoticed. From the beautifully tied golden bows on each chair to the hand crafted with wine cork letters of T & K and their handmade #hashtag tag sign, everything looked amazing. And her CAKE! THAT BEAUTIFUL AMAZING CAKE! It was so pretty, I just kept taking pictures of it! I wanted to frame the cake for all eternity! It was a reception like no other!


Surrounded by friends and family, tears flowed during the first dances and toasts. Brad's FAVORITE line during the toast came from Kelley's Dad, Gary. Traditionally, a father might say "we aren't losing a daughter, we are gaining a son." Gary put a spin on that phrase that will live with us forever - "I'm not losing a daughter, I am gaining free labor." I looked over at Brad as he was laughing so hard he was crying!

We also loved listening to Heather and Tom's dad, Richard, as they recanted how Tom's mom, Patricia, thinks Tom is a dead ringer for Justin Timberlake. (After looking at their pictures, I CAN TOTALLY SEE IT!) They also shared beautiful stories of memories with each Tom and Heather.

The night ended with so much dancing, hugs and laughter, everything a wedding should be.

Thank you to Kelley and Tom for allowing us to spend your wedding day with you! We truly enjoyed every minute!

Here are some of our favorites from their day!


PHOTOGRAPHERS | Allie & Brad Strouse of Strouse Photography

ACCOMMODATIONS | Courtyard Fredericksburg Historic District

HAIR & MAKEUP | BobbyPins & Blush

FLORIST | Jane Guerin


CEREMONY VENUE | Fredericksburg Baptist Church

OFFICIANT | Dr. Larry Haun

RECEPTION VENUE | Fredericksburg Square

CATERING | Fredericksburg Square

BAKERY | The Icing

INVITATIONS | Raygan Ketterer of ChikPea Graphics

DJ | LA Dee Jay





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