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HOW WE MET AS TOLD BY ALLIE | Strouse House Chronicles: PART THREE


BRAD: The details are a bit fuzzy for me and have only been filled in over the years as Allie tells this story to anyone who will listen. For her it all started in freshman year Tech & Civ. For me it started a year later at a mutual friend’s apartment. You can choose which one sounds more romantic.

ALLIE: I remember the moment we met like it was yesterday. While it’s not as pretty as a Nicholas Sparks’ book made into a movie, it’s still burned into my brain.

Freshman year Tech & Civ was one of those college classes that’s a requirement for all majors and takes place in a classroom with hundreds of seats. I arrived early, as a I always do, and chose a seat on the right side of the amphitheatre style lecture hall. I was pretty particular about where I sat. I wanted to be close enough so I could pretend to pay attention, but not too close where I have to strain my neck to see my professor. I also picked my seat based on who was already there. I wanted space. So, after searching for roughly 48 seconds, I selected a seat in the 5th row, two seats in. I always left one see next to the aisle because who would ever seat there right next to someone when there was 231 other seats to pick from. I started to unpack my Mead 5 Subject notebook just as this random dude in girl jeans and white Chuck Taylors plops down in that seat I so cautiously left open.

Brad likes to recant the story as he asked for permission to sit down after giving me his smile, but that is not what happened. He literally plopped down like I wasn’t even sitting there. I kid you not, there were no other people around me within 5 rows. WHY ON EARTH DID HE DECIDE TO SIT NEXT TO THE ONE PERSON IN A 10 ROW RADIUS?! I digress.

As you can imagine, my aggravations started to rise at a rapid pace. I was irritated and debating the best way to move over or get up and leave completely. Just as I started to make my decision, two of my dorm mates came in and sat with me. I leaned over to one of them to start to say - “Can you believe this guy? Sitting next to me and there is plenty of other seats for him!” Before I even got to the “C” in “can”, my friend leans over me to give Brad a high five. Little did I know, my two guy friends that were now sitting with me were in the drumline with Brad! My friend introduced us and class started.

That my friends is how Brad and I met for the first time during Spring Semester of 2005 in Tech and Civ at Haley Center at Auburn University.

BRAD: To my defense - there are only a few left handed desks in those classrooms and I just chose the first one I saw. I wish I could say it was because of the beautiful girl sitting next to me, but I would be lying. It was 100% fate!

ALLIE: Or you, subconsciously, wanted to bother me. :)

The story doesn’t end there my friends. OH NO. Next week, we’ll get into the moment Brad remembers meeting me.


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