Happy Father's Day!

Fathers play a very important part in the story and evolution of Strouse Photography. Beyond the obvious biological reasons we definitely owe our success in life and passion for photography to our fathers.

(Brad's Dad, Steve, is on the left. Allie's Dad, Chris, is on the right.)

My dad, Steve Strouse, always kept a mysterious green MINOLTA CAMERA bag in the back of his closet and as a child I always wondered what magic this bag may hold! As I grew older my father began to explain the importance of that bag. It held a Minolta SLR, a flash, and several lenses that were given to him by my grandparents for high school graduation. He slowly began to teach me how to use the camera and I learned most of the basics from an old user’s guide he kept on the bookshelf. He was gracious enough to lend me that camera and over the years I used it to photograph friends, family, street architecture and even bands. I learned to love the “fear of the unknown” that comes with shooting on film and I still have the camera in our closet. Allie bought me a new leather strap for the body for our anniversary one year and I hope to tell it’s story to our kids one day!


Allie’s father, Chris Butterworth, worked a little store in Auburn, Alabama (where he grew up) called Jackson Photo where he took care of framing orders, developing film and more! Over the years he became a patient subject for Allie's Mom, Carol, and Allie as they practiced their photography. Chris is known for making everyone laugh when taking group pictures. He is also an ever present helping hand and has set up, rearranged, and torn down our photo booth gear more times than I care to remind him. I’ve never once heard him complain about helping us schlup gear to and from the convention centers of VA and when we are away on long photo shoots he always comes over to walk our pup Dexter and feed our cat Fitz. One time he even gave up his entire weekend to drive us to VA Beach, help set up our photobooth, and tear down our equipment at the end of a long day!

Thanks to all the fathers out there who are patiently posing for pictures, passing down a passion for “classic” technology in a digital world, and providing leadership and good examples to their friends, family, and coworkers. Love you Dad(s)!

Here are some of the great dad's we've met this year with Strouse Photography!








Kelly's Dad-1.jpg













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Thanks for reading!

Allie & Brad

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