In the movies, the first time a couple meets, they stare into each others eyes, butterflies form in each of their stomachs and sparks fly. It’s a collision in a coffee shop that turns into a date or a dinner party that turns into champagne on the balcony. You know what we’re talking about, every chick flick you have ever seen.

Those stories are dreamy, romantic and ...

...not our story…

...not even close.

But this is…


ALLIE: To start, I think it’s important to start from the very beginning. Not the “I was born in Mobile, Alabama” beginning, but the start of our college career.

I was, in fact, born in Alabama and raised as a die-hard Auburn Fan. There are so many pictures for evidence that I couldn't even deny it if I wanted too. (Which I don't, WAR EAGLE!!)

My parents met at Auburn University. My dad grew up in Auburn from 6th grade on and my mom’s dad, a.k.a my Papa, went to Auburn. My mom’s dad’s dad, A.K.A. my great grandfather, also went to Auburn when it was called Alabama Poly-Tech. It almost seems as if I didn’t have a choice, but to go to Auburn. However, I did.

I grew up in Virginia so my parents would have been THRILLED if I would have picked an in-state school. I almost did. I was one thought away from going to Virginia Tech. One of my best friends was going there, my other two best friends were within a couple of hours and it was close to home. However, it wasn’t Auburn.

I remember sitting on my bedroom floor during April of 2004. I was working on my physics homework using a white board because that helped me figure out velocity and speed. I stopped to daydream for a second because this was pre-facebook days.

Suddenly, I wanted to know what it sounded like to say I went to college. I said out loud to myself “I go to Virginia Tech”. I then said “I go to Auburn”. I kid you not, saying “I go to Auburn” felt better, almost like I was meant to say it. My dad walked in shortly thereafter and out of the blue I go “I’ve decided to go to Auburn”. I am pretty sure his pride was overtaken by the terror of paying out-of-state tuition, but he looked at me, smiled and said “OK and War Eagle”.

Next week, Brad will enlighten you on how a Northern boy ended up at the best Southern school in the SEC.

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