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June 2015 Goals



May was incredible. We used it as a catch up month as we had a wedding and 4 portraits sessions! See some of them HERE!

We also finished the following goals:

  • *COMPLETED* Stick to work schedule that has been typed out so you can spend time with Brad, doing house projects and more!

  • I've been hustling to work smarter, not harder and schedules, lists and TRELLO have helped me do just that!

  • *COMPLETED* Finish two weddings in my workflow tunnel. See them HERE!

  • *COMPLETED* Finish bridal sessing in my workflow. Can't wait to show you them next month!

We are still working on the following goals:

  • *IN PROGRESS* Created 3 more photo books for promotional purposes

  • ​How to accomplish:

  • Pick Event

  • Pick Photo Book Company

  • Make Book

  • UPDATES: I ended up making a book of a recent engagement session with Blurb and was happy with the process. It turned out WONDERFUL! Take a look at the cover on our INSTAGRAM. I've also reorded some books I made last year in leather so they'll hold up longer in client meetings. They look legit! LOVE THEM!

  • *IN PROGRESS* Edit weddings on time - I am still on track for my internal deadlines and in a good place with my 60-90 day turnaround!

  • How to accomplish:

  • Stick to workflow

  • Stick to schedule

  • Catch up on non-wedding weekend


This month is (AGAIN) all about staying on top of my workflow and editing goals to ensure a speedy delivery for our clients! We basically set 3 goals when it comes to turnaround time for our clients. Our first goal is our "stretch goal" meaning it's possible to meet that goal, but it's a stretch. Our second goal is our internal "always meet it" goal meaning I try to get pictures turned around in that time frame. Our third goal is our "absolute deadline" goal meaning this is the turnaround time we promised our clients so we have to meet it.

How can we meet our goals better and more efficiently? Let us know your tips in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and tell us your goals!

- Allie & Brad

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