Strouse Photo Tip #31: 4 Ways to Relax

One thing this long weekend has reminded me of is that it's OK to take a break. It's OK to relax. Sometimes working two full time jobs makes you so busy that you forget to do that. (Yes, we both have day jobs in addition to our photography business! A post on that will come in due time!)

Here are my 3 favorite ways to relax during a busy wedding session. (These ways aren't just for working professionals...planning a wedding is a full time job, so remember to do relax during that too!)

#1 - RUN

Crazy right? I need to be relaxing instead of using up more energy. Generally, I would agree with you; however, running is my stress reliever! I budget time to run about 3-4 days a week because its a time when I can clear my head. I feel focused, relaxed and ready to take on whatever life throws at me!


As I am writing this, I have Brad begging me to hurry up so we can go to the pool. Now that ours is officially open, you can bet I'll be working in the early mornings (more on that later) so I can enjoy time after my day job at the pool! There's few things better than the warm sun on your face while dipping your toes in a cool pool!


Normally, massages are only for a special occasion in the Strouse House. However, wedding season calls for more massages, pool days and runs! Nothing will make you feel more relaxed than a full body massage, cucumber water and the sounds of the ocean, even if it's just on Pandora!


Growing up, I HATED cooking. Now that I've reached an age where I have to fend for myself (who am I kidding, my parents let us lead independent lives as teenagers) and a husband, I LOVE cooking. While I don't do it as much during wedding season, I will bust out the kitchen aid once in a while and wipe up some baked goodies!

Those are just a few ways we try to relax in the Strouse House!

What are you favorite ways to relax during the busy time of your life?

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