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Strouse Photo Tip #30: 6 Tips to Consider | First Look vs. No First Look

"I was a traditional bride. I didn't want Brad to see me until we were in the church. While I loved the traditional and customary aspect of it, I would have LOVED to have a private moment with Brad before the wedding." -- Allie Strouse

This brings us to 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a First Look:

#1: Private Moment

First Looks cover that. First looks offer you and your to-be S.O. a chance to take each other in and calm any nerves. To really see each other before the blur of the day starts to hit. Brad mentioned to me just last week that he would have loved to have that moment. He would have loved to have the time to really, really see my dress and my hair instead of the first time being in front of a church full of people. He mentioned he was more concerned with not crying than seeing what I was wearing. Our traditional desire won out and the first time he saw me was when my dad was walking me down the aisle. (And that's OK - keep reading.)

#2: More Pictures

First Looks offer a chance for your photographer to get intimate, romantic and personal moments that you might not have time to get without a first look. It also offers a good chunk of time for your photographer to be creative with you guys because you aren't rushing around to get to the reception. It also offers time for you to knock out your bridal party and sometimes family pictures before your ceremony. That leads us to our next moment.

#3 - You Can Enjoy Your Cocktail Hour

We have a lot of brides that want to enjoy the cocktail hour that they planned. What some don't realize is that the cocktail hour is in place for your photographers to get pictures of you, your bridal party and family after the ceremony. However, if you do a first look, you can really get a LOT of pictures done before the ceremony so afterwards, all that's left is some extended family portraits.

We want to make sure we show both sides of the FIRST LOOK VS NO FIRST LOOK discussion. Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider NOT Doing A First Look:

#1: You're A Traditionalist

And that is 100% OK. Heck, we were! We COMPLETELY understand and relate. There's something about seeing each other for the first time all dolled and dressed up as you are walking down the aisle. Your lock eyes and in that moment, it's just you two. It's just a bride and groom taking each other in. There's definitely butterflies that fill up inside of you that are stronger in that moment than in a first look. While you still get butterflies with a first look, I feel they are much stronger when you wait to see each other at the ceremony.

#2: Raw Emotion

Again, you show PLENTY of raw emotion during a first look. However, one of my FAVORITE pictures to catch is the groom's face as the bride is walking down the aisle. I've read lots of blogs how other people feel the same. When you don't do a first look before the ceremony, the look on the groom's face has a wider array of emotions. The surprised, excited, emotional look is heightened more than it would have been if he had seen you an hour prior.

#3: You Want EVERYONE to See You At The Same Time

I am going to come out and say it. In reality, this is why I PERSONALLY didn't want to do a first look. I LOVE attention so there was something awesome about everyone seeing you at the same time. You hid your dress for so long and you hid before the ceremony for a reason. This is YOUR shining moment. This is your chance to have all eyes on you.

Some brides don't like that moment and that's why a first look is better. If you are like me, you'll LOVE the moment of all eyes on you.

What can I say, I'm a ham. :)

What Strouse Photography Likes: It's your wedding day, so we will accommodate whichever you pick. Since we are photographers, we are biased towards doing a first look. We love a chance to get more pictures for you, different poses, creative locations, etc.

Whatever you consider, it will be memorable. It's your day, your moment so don't let anyone push you to do something you don't want too. If you want to do a first look to calm your nerves, GIRL DO IT. If you want to see everyone's shocked faces when they see you in a knee length dress instead of a traditional ball gown, GIRL YOU DO YOU.

We are here to serve you and offer suggestions, but at the end of the day - IT'S YOUR DAY!

What did you do for your wedding? What are you considering if you are planning your timeline?

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