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Janine + Aaron | The Mill at Fine Creek Wedding

Can I just tell you how amazing Janine and Aaron are? We completely adore them!

We met Janine and Aaron back in August of 2013. Over the course of several coffee dates, AN ENGAGEMENT SESSION, wedding walkthrough and now their wedding, we have LOVED getting to know them. (Quite honestly, let's be best friends! :-P) Janine is completely adorable and a classic beauty! Aaron is so intelligent and kind. When Janine and Aaron interact, it's the sweetest thing you've ever seen. They are a walking #relationshipgoal! You can just see and feel how much they adore each other, even if you've just met them!

Their wedding was set in the idealistic setting of THE MILL AT FINE CREEK in Powhatan. Let me just rave about this venue for a second. In short, it's INCREDIBLE. Everything from the river flowing all around it to the cottage, bridal suite and how perfectly the reception area is set for photographers, it was an absolute dream to work here! Not to mention, the staff and food were incredible. Shout out to Colleen and Stephanie. These ladies made our lives so easy and the day was incredibly smooth. (Y'all rock!) It was truly a dream to work with them and at this venue.

Janine's bridesmaids were so helpful, sweet and hilarious! They put up with my "one more picture" line when they knew I was going to take 10 more!

Aaron's groomsmen. Let me tell you, these gentlemen were awesome to work with! When we can laugh all day, it's a great day. These groomsmen were also hilarious!

Both families were a JOY to work with and kept us smiling the entire day! That's no easy feat when you're shooting a wedding for 10+hours! They were so proud of Janine and Aaron and you could see it through each hug and picture!

We are truly thrilled we got to know this incredible couple and their familes. It was an honor to be with them on their wedding day.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from their day! (They're in reverse because we like to be different. :-P That and our program decided to put the pictures where it's heart desired.)


PHOTOGRAPHERS | Allie and Brad Strouse of Strouse Photography

VENUE | The Mill at Fine Creek

WEDDING PLANNERS | ​Collen and Stephanie with the Mill at Fine Creek

OFFICIANT | ​Phyllis Ann Min

HAIR AND MAKE-UP | ​Faces by Joy | Studio FBJ

FLORIST | ​The Green Flamingo

CATERING | ​The Mill at Fine Creek

CAKE | ​The Mixing Bowl

INVITATIONS | ​Wedding Paper Divas

DJ | ​Music Makes You Happy | Chris Rice




GUITARIST | ​Rafael Scarfullery


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