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Strouse Photo Tip #27: 6 Farewell Exits Ideas

Exiting your wedding is just as fun and important as entering your wedding! Here are some ideas and tips for creating the perfect exit.

#1 - Ask what is allowed

This is an important one. Make sure you consult your venue to find out what type of exits are allowed. Some venues don't allow sparkler exits and you want to make sure you find out prior to your wedding day so you don't plan for one exit and have to scrap it due the rules and regulations!

#2 - Consider Safety

Do you have a lot of little kids at your wedding? If so, you may want to consider what is safest for your guests! IE: Use glow sticks instead of sparklers.

Also, most places don't allow the use of rice for farewells as it can harm birds and the environment. If you want to go with a more traditional exit, use bird seed!

#3 - Be unique/Match your style

At our wedding, we had a shaker exit! Our wedding was completely AUburn themed. At Auburn football games, everyone has a shaker to help cheer on our team so it was appropriate for our wedding to have shakers as our exit!

#4 - Keep it simple

When all else fails, just have everyone gather around to cheer you on!

Some styles of exits we have seen:




#4 - People Cheering



Other styles we haven't seen, but would LOVE to:

- Bird Seed (love how traditional and timeless this is)

- Shakers (like our wedding)

- Streamers

- Fireworks

- Foam (although this may be gross...haha)

- Handclappers (you know those things that clap for you when you shake...normally seen at sporting events)

- Foam Fingers

Here are some of our favorite exits!

What are some exit you have seen? What we can be on the look out for?

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