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Strouse Photo Tip #26: 3 Tips for Shopping for Tuxedos

We all know that weddings are all about the bride, but we wanted to make sure we highlight the grooms as well! While they are much lower maintenance than us ladies, they are still always so fashionable whether they want to admit it or not!

Through our years, we've come up with some tips to consider when you are shopping for the men of the wedding!

#1 - Style

There are actually a surprising amount of styles for men to choose from! Think about where you wedding is going to be. For instance a sand color suit might be more suitable (pun intended) for a beach than the traditional black tux. If you are really casual, a nice white button town and tan slacks works too!

#2 - Buying vs. Renting

I will say with a resounding yes that you will probably save more money if you have your groomsmen and groom buy suits than rent a tuxedo. However, if you love the classic tuxedo, renting may be the better option.

We found after Brad was in so many weddings that you can get a NICE tailored suit for less money than renting a classic tuxedo. Again, it's all up to what you prefer for the overall look of your wedding.

#3 - Customize with color accessories

Us ladies have it easy. We can pick whatever color we want for our girls to wear. While in theory you may say you can do that with guys as well, the groomsmen may have a hard time finding a hot pink tux to match your colors! (And they might balk at the idea of wearing ALL hot pink.) You can get them colored ties, bowties, cumberbuns or even socks so they can have a pop of color and still maintain their masculinity.

What tips do you have that we can add to our list?

While you are thinking, here are some of the handsome grooms and groomsmen of Strouse Photography!

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