Strouse Photo Tip #25: 6 Tips for Table Settings

Details. That's one of my favorite parts of a wedding to shoot. I love noticing even the smallest element of a wedding because I know you took the time to place it there.

From the creative way you place the table number to strategic way the place settings are created, I know there's a little bit of you in each piece. That's why when you meet with us, you'll hear how we DEFINITELY get detail shots for you. Your wedding will FLY by and that small detail you planned out might get overlooked when you are talking to all of your guests. That's why you hire us so when you get home from the honeymoon, put away all the presents, you can look back and know that that detail was executed how you liked it and everyone got to see it! Throughout our 10 years (GAH, has it been that long?) since we started with Flip Flop Foto in Alabama and transitioned into our own photography business, we've gotten to see a LOT of table settings and tablescapes. We've come up with a few tips and ideas for you should you plan another large party or even if you haven't gotten married yet!


In case you skipped that first paragraph, adding even the TINIEST detail to your table setting makes a HUGE difference!

#2 - GO BIG OR GO HOME...just kidding, small is fine too!

It's completely A-OK to have a simple centerpiece of flowers so you can add a ton of small details (framed name plates, favors on the table, extra pictures, etc.) and guess what - it's also A-OK to have extravagant and tall centerpieces so you can do the same thing! It's your wedding so do whatever you like!


Sometimes you'll have guests at a table that have never met. It's awesome to add some conversation pieces to your table so they can break the ice with it. At our personal wedding, we had old pictures of us so everyone got a kick out of Brad's hardcore punk hair days and my band camp pictures. It broke the ice and all of our guests started talking!


It may be a formal wedding, but getting cheeky with the menus, name plates and even table numbers is completely OK and FUN!


Add your favors to your table setting so no one accidentally forgets to pick one up on their way out!


When you are walking around, talking to all of your guests - take a quick minute at each table to appreciate all the planning you put into your table setting. It'll help you appreciate all that stress of planning a wedding. You could even break the ice with that family member you've only met once by pointing out a piece of the setting and explaining why you decided to go with it!

Here is some inspiration from some of the weddings we've shot! Our brides are so creative!

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Thanks for reading!

- A&B

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