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Strouse Photo Tip #24: 3 Tips for Wedding Hair

When I dreamt of being married, I dreamt that my hair would be long and flowing. Little did I know, Brad was planning on proposing much sooner than I expected...right after I chopped my hair off! So even though my hair wasn't as long and flowing as I would have liked, I always enjoyed looking through hair styles to see the things I could do with my hair!

Over our years shooting weddings, I have noticed a few tips I thought I'd pass along! (And keep reading, we have the amazing hair of some of our past SP Brides!)

#1 - Pick a style that makes you feel AMAZING

You want to make sure the style you go with isn't TOO far outside of your self and personality. If you do, you may end up feeling self concious on your wedding day.

#2 - Think about getting an up-do

...if your wedding is in the humid summer or it looks like it may rain! At my wedding, my hair was down and curled. Let me tell you in the hurricane of our wedding (literally, not figuratively), my hair fell out as soon as I curled it! If I could go back and relive that day, I'd have someone come do my hair in an up-do.

Also, an up-do keeps your hair looking amazing for the ENTIRE day because let's face it, bobbi pins and hairspray are your friend.

#3 - Add some bling for that extra wow factor

There are so many options when it comes to hair bling and I LOVE IT! Our SP brides have pulled out all the stops and done some amazing things with their hair! Instead of my babbering on about it, here's some of our bride's hair styles!

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