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April 2015 Photography Goals

Once I got our March Goals typed out, I feel a lot better about life! I know, they were a bit late, but since then - I feel like I did really well! It's recap!

In no particular order:

  • *COMPLETED* Stay on top of blog schedule

I did really well this month after making a blogging schedule! I even typed a few out and scheduled them so I didn't have to worry about writing them when I was busy.

  • *COMPLETED* Make DVD back-ups of photo sessions (we have 3 other backups, but one more makes me feel better.)

  • How to accomplish this: Create a DVD back up schedule

DVD back up schedule has been created and is currently being worked on! YAY! Progress!

  • *COMPLETED* Investigate Crashplan backup system

  • How to accomplish this: Read website and make a decision to buy

I ended up going with BackBlaze and have been super happy with how easy and inexpensive it is! I'll list a "reviewing Back Blaze" on my blog topics!

  • *IN PROGRESS* Created 3 more photo books for promotional purposes

  • How to accomplish this:

  • #1 - pick website/company to make book -

  • #2 - pick photo sessions or weddings to make book

  • #3 - make book creating schedule

  • #4 - make book

I ended up making a book of a recent engagement session with Blurb and was happy with the process. I am hoping to be happy with the outcome as well! I've also reorded some books I made last year in leather so they'll hold up longer in client meetings. I've created an "Allie Work Schedule" where I've highlighted when to make these books and it's going great so far!

  • *IN PROGRESS* Get Strouse Photography closet organized with Closet Factory! (Be on the look out for a blog post on this!) - Happening March 30th!

  • ​How to accomplish this: Wait for Closet Factory to install new systems

YAY! Our new Murphy bed with new storage was installed today! I got about half of it organized tonight and more to come tomorrow!

  • *IN PROGRESS* Switch to new photo sharing website - already started!

Making a final decision when the wedding we shot on Saturday gets posted!

  • *COMPLETED* Buy new business cards - EEEEK! Need to do ASAP!

DONE! I had a hardcore working session last Saturday and got SO much doe off my list! It was a great day and new business cards have arrived!


  • Finish *IN PROGRESS* goals from March

  • How to accomplish: following schedules and list

  • Stick to work schedule that has been typed out so you can spend time with Brad, doing house projects and more!

  • Edit weddings on time

April is a little more light since we accomplished so much in March! Our main focus this month is to focus on our couples who are getting married and focus on their weddings!

Thanks for reading and tell us your goals!

- Allie & Brad


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