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Strouse Photo Tip #21: 3 Tips for Shoes Buying

Finding the perfect shoes for your wedding can make or break your dress...and your feet! Here are some things to keep in mind while shoe shopping for your wedding.

#1 - Comfort

Common sense right? You would think! It is so important that you are comfortable in whatever shoes you pick because girl - believe me - you will be standing and dancing more than you ever thought possible. If you find a pair of shoes that aren't the most comfortable, but are super cute and fit your dress PERFECTLY, what I recommend is getting them because they make you happy and using them for the ceremony. That way you can get some cute pictures with them. Then for the reception, have a more comfortable pair ready to go.

#2 - Break your shoes in

I know you want to save your shoes for your wedding day so they don't get messed up, but trust me - you'll want to make sure they are broken in AND you can walk in them. We don't want you faceplanting on the way down the aisle. (Although, it would make for a memorable ceremony and GREAT pictures.)

#3 - Think about your surroundings

When you are shopping for your wedding shoes, think about your ceremony and reception location. Will you be inside the whole time? Will you need to walk in grass for great pictures? Do you have to climb on rocks or a walkway that isn't level? This will help you decide between pumps, wedges, flats or more than one pair.

- Extra tip: If you are walking in grass for your ceremony, invest in a good pair of wedges if you want some height or stick to flats. If you MUST get pumps, snag some of these puppies before the big day (thanks to our girl Bethany for introducing us to these!):

To conclude, we want to show you some of the righteous shoes our brides have rocked:

Let's see your shoes! What shoe buying tips do you have?

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