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Strouse Photo Tip #20: 3 Reasons We Love Bridal Shows

We did our 5th bridal show in January. It was awesome. I know, you're probably thinking - "cool, but why should I go to a bridal show?" Luckily, my dear friend, Alison Cali of AliCaliPhoto, did a great series on the bride's benefits of bridal shows, what to expect, etc. Read it here.

I, on the other hand, wanted to share the photographer's prospective on bridal shows and why we do them.

So, why? What's our reasoning besides it's good for business?

#1 - We get to meet you

You are pretty awesome and even if we only have a minute to chat, we truly enjoy the few minutes we get to spend with you. I am obsessed with engagement stories, so you'll probably find me asking yours. Feel free to give me details, I love living vicariously through you.

#2 - Networking with other vendors/photographers

I love a chance to meet new people and build lasting relationships! This helps us build a list of vendors that we feel comfortable suggesting to you! This past show, we met Tiffany's Bridal, the Meadow Event Park and Megan Garrison Photography. All are amazing businesses and it was an honor to say hello to each of them.

#3 - Sampling Cake

We might have gotten married nearly four years ago, but we still enjoy sampling the local cuisine! Of course, we wait for you to taste everything first, but again - it helps us develop comfortable suggestions should you ask! If you are ever at the show towards the end, don't mind our sugar high!

We'd love to see you at our next show. Don't be afraid to say hello, we promise to only snag two minutes of your time and then later on we can plan for a nice coffee date to hear all about your wedding!

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