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Strouse Photo Tip #18: 5 Tips for Wedding Flowers

We all know I've slacked on my blog posts and my New Year's Resolutions. So this year, I am trying to be better starting with this week.

One of my resolutions was blog weekly so I will pick back up where I left off with my Strouse Photo Tips! If you want to read the rest, click here. Sometimes they are tips, sometimes they are planning ideas, etc.

Today's tip is about wedding flowers and bouquets. I never was a huge flower gal until I started shooting weddings. I am so amazed by the talent of the florists we've worked with and our brides visions. They have turned me into a flower girl!

We have a few tips when it comes to your flowers.

#1 - Find flowers you love, but be flexible because your favorites might not be available at the time of your wedding. I LOVE tulips, but I got married in September and they weren't in season. I ended up with some beautiful gerber daisies instead and was perfectly content.

#2 - Esty has a variety of non-traditional, fabric bouquets for a cool alternative to fresh flowers. One of our brides ordered her bouquet off there for a fraction of the cost of traditional flower bouquets.

#3 - Make your own flowers. We had one bride who was an extremely talented florist. She made all of her flowers! Read more about her wedding here.

#4 - Incorporate "Something Old, Something Blue, Something Borrowed, Something Blue" all in one bouquet with a brooch bouquet made out of brooches your grandmother's owned, buy some new ones, borrow some from your mom and pick out blue ones!

#5 - Mix and match colors and textures!

#6 - Use artificial flowers if your wedding party is small! They will last forever!

#7 - Beach wedding? Use shells! See what one of our brides did here.

#8 - Use your bouquet and your bridesmaids' bouquets as centerpieces to get more use out of your flowers! It'll save money and you can enjoy them longer!

#9 - Offer centerpieces to guests as they leave you reception so you don't waste the flowers OR donate them to nursing homes, homeless shelters or even someone who couldn't make your wedding.

Need more ideas? Here are some of the flowers we've shot throughout the years and love!

Need more wedding tips? We have more STROUSE PHOTO TIPS here for ya!

- A&B

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