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January 2015 Strouse Photography Goals

Brad and I have always been goal oriented people. We love setting goals and accomplishing them. Sometimes, that doesn't always last year my monthly goals pretty much stopped during the summer. So to start the new year off right, I want to start with my January 2015 Goals! Let's get started!

In no particular order (completed is in bold):

  • Redesign Strouse Photography Website & New Blog

  • Set January Goals

  • Get all SP info ready for tax season

  • Set up a blogging schedule to blog once a week

  • Ideas: Favorite Flowers, Rings, interesting aspects

  • Prepare for our January 25th, 2015 bridal show

  • Created 3 more photo books for promotional purposes

  • Follow Up with brides from bridal show

  • Enjoy a month off from shooting and editing

  • Make DVD back-ups of photo sessions (we have 3 other backups, but one more makes me feel better.)

  • Redirect all pictures in lightroom

What are some of your goals for 2015?

- Allie & Brad


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