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Brad & Allie Strouse
Dexter Strouse
Stella Strouse


We enjoy running, attempting Whole30, wine tasting, & shouting "War Eagle" any chance we get.

style and sass guru

I enjoy reading, eating blueberries, watching Bubble Guppies, and taking care of my baby dolls.


I enjoy chasing my cat sister, barking, eating door knobs, and sleeping on top of mom & dad.

Fitz Strouse


I enjoy taunting Dexter, sleeping on mom's head, and whining when I don't get enough attention.

Strouse Photography is a husband and wife photography team in Richmond, Virginia!


Allie can be found sneaking cookie butter from the pantry at all hours of the night except when she's on her life mission of finding the best cookie in RVA (right now, Red Eye Cookie Company holds the lead). She loves running half marathons, organizing, and finding the best deal and most unique items at second-hand/consignment/thrift stores!

Brad can be found training for any of his extreme races including, but certainly not limited to, marathons, sprint triathlons, or half Ironmans! He loves competition, rescue animals, connecting with others and discussing eternal topics like the timelessness of the Beatles or training techniques for endurance sports.. He's an avid vinyl collector, music listener, triathlete, and marathoner. If you want to read more about Brad's day job at ECE, visit the EastCoast Entertainment websiteBrad has also been featured in a number of blogs discussing his work at ECE. 


Together, they've always been passionate about music, family, friendship, and serving others. There's nothing more they enjoy than sharing their four generation deep love for Auburn University. War Eagle!

Want to read more about Strouse Photography? Dive into the Strouse House Chronicles to read all about how we met, dated, got engaged, married and more! 

Have more questions about Strouse Photography? Here are our FAQs!

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